Critical Illness Cover

Get paid up to £1 million
if you are diagnosed with a critical illness.

Critical illness cover is designed to pay you a lump sum of up to £1,000,000 if you are diagnosed with a specified illness. This lump sum can be used to help you and your family financially. Note that some life insurance policies cover for critical illness and if that’s the case then you may not need additional cover. Speak to one of our expert advisers who can assist you with selecting the appropriate policy.

Critical illness cover can help with finances, such as:

Mortgage repayments
Clearing debt
Hospital and medical costs
A critical illness cover policy is designed to assist in the event you’re diagnosed with a critical illness which can happen at any time. Medical fees are expensive and if you’re not prepared, these costs can eat through your lifetime savings. In 2020, insurers paid out £6.2 billion on life, income protection and critical illness to help millions of families get through the coronavirus pandemic.
A critical illness is a serious medical condition, such as cancer, a heart attack or stroke. Each insurer will have their own definition of what they consider and cover as a critical illness. Your broker can explain which conditions are covered and help you select the right policy for your needs.
Policies start from £25 per month. The cost depends on your age, lifestyle, and your personal circumstances. Insurers normally ask several qualifying questions to determine the premium. Our brokers can help you get the right cover for your budget.
If you’re diagnosed with a critical illness and pass away as a result, your beneficiary will receive the full amount after the waiting period.
There is no waiting period to make a claim. As soon as your policy is live, you’ll be able to make a claim. However, if you select a more affordable monthly premium, your waiting period could be up to three months.
Most premiums are fixed for the duration of the policy unless you specifically choose to change or upgrade your cover. The cost of your premium will depend on the cover and provider you choose.
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