Over 50s Cover

Lifelong cover from just £10 per month

With a typical life expectancy in the UK of 78 years, many people tend to outlive their life cover, as it often only covers them to up until a certain age or until retirement age. An Over 50s policy is a whole of life insurance policy designed to leave your loved ones with a guaranteed lump sum when you pass away. This lump sum could be used to pay for funeral costs, household bills or simply to manage day to day expenses.

Over 50s cover can provide you with up to £20,000, depending on your age:

Lifetime cover
Guaranteed acceptance and immediate cover
No medical examination required
Contribution towards funeral costs
Any UK resident over the age of 50 is guaranteed to be accepted immediately. You won’t need to answer any health questions or have a medical examination.
Premiums start from as low as £10 per month. You can choose your cover according to how much you’re able to contribute each month or the total lump sum pay-out which can be anything up to £20,000. The premium is fixed and doesn’t increase unless you specifically choose to increase your level of cover.
No, unlike other insurance policies, your over 50s cover won’t increase unless you specifically wish to increase your level of cover. If not, the premium will be the same for the rest of your life. Some insurers may not require you to pay premiums after the age of 90 but will continue to cover you. Our experts can advise which insurance plans offer this additional benefit.
Over 50s cover works alongside your life insurance cover. The main difference between them is that life insurance normally covers you up until a certain age whereas your over 50s cover lasts for the rest of your life.
Over 50s is not a funeral plan; it’s designed to provide your loved ones with a lump sum in the event of your death. Therefore, it’s up to your beneficiary as to what they decide to do with the pay-out. They can of course choose to use it to cover funeral costs. Some insurers also contribute a smaller sum of approximately £300 specifically towards funeral expenses.
You can nominate a family member, a friend or charity as your beneficiary. Payments may take up to one month to be paid out.
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